Our Story


The idea for the Dzuke Duffel came from a fishing trip in the high Uinta Mountains of Utah. A few brothers who enjoy spending time together, traveling, and getting outside packed everything they needed for a week-long trip several miles away from any dirt road. Once their secret fishing spot was reached, a little digging through their packs was necessary to find the gear they needed. As this week-long trip continued so did their clutter. After pulling everything out of their stuffed packs, there was no place for these brothers to put all their things except in the tent. A 3-person tent progressively becomes a lot smaller after a week of playing in the outdoors.

We’ve learned that this clutter problem doesn’t just apply to brothers on a fishing trip trying to squeeze in a tiny tent miles away from home. Whenever we leave home for an extended period of time we pull everything we need out of the drawer, off the shelf, out of the closet and pack it into one bag. Some bags have several different pockets to help with organization but it doesn’t make it any easier to access or fit everything we need in there.

The Dzuke Duffel was created for 3 reasons:

  1. Organize
  2. Easy Access
  3. Compress

The organization of home is often taken for granted. At home there’s a dirty hamper for dirty clothes, a shelf for books, a drawer for the comb, a closet for the jacket, and so on. When we pack to leave for a couple days, all of these things are stuffed together in one bag. When we need a pair of socks, we find ourselves dumping all of the contents of the bag on the hotel bed to find that pair of socks.

The Dzuke Duffel has compartments that act like shelves. After unzipping the entire side, everything can be organized and accessed easily without digging or dumping everything out. Clothes can also be compressed to save space in the bag in order to take more things or bring some knick knacks home.


Competitions that Dzuke has competed in:


  • Outdoor Weber Pitch Competition (April 8, 2017) First Place Won $10,000
  • Grow Utah Pitch Competition (June 23, 2017) Finalist Won $500
  • USU $100 Startup Competition (April 3, 2018) First Place Won $1,500
  • Outdoor Pitch Competition (April 18, 2018) Second Place Won $4,300